Thursday, April 7, 2011

cococut-raspberry cupcakes

Today my friends I give you a gift.

This here is one of the best cupcakesI have ever had.

The cake is moist, and not overly sweetened.

The frostingis sweet and creamy and perfectly complimented with the flaked coconut.

Okay, so I'm no writer and certainly no food critic ( I think most everything with sugar in it is good) BUT I will tell you this: After I ate this cupcake I thought about it for days. Yes, I should have been dieting or watching my small children but all I had was cupcake on the mind.

My good friend Lindsey baker and crafter extraordinaire made these for her

"Bachelor Season Finale Party"

and I hounded her for a week to get me the recipe.

Here at Erickson Blog is my special gift.

(I know, I know, its not mine to give.

I'll just be the messenger.)

Don't go to crazy..... and make sure you have someone to share them with.

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