Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm starting a new category with all things homemade and crafty.

Here is my own personal craft process:

Find something adorable
2. Obsess over how cute it is for a couple of days
3. Tell all of my friends about it
4. Finally decide to go buy all of the materials for the project
5. Somehow involve my mother in the project (why? I don't know why.)
6. Put all materials for project into a cardboard box
7. Let that box sit on my laundry room floor for 6 months
8. Let the box get on my nerves for about more month
9. Finally put that box in the garage where it won't bug me anymore.

And Voila! Soon you will have a house full of unfinished crafts. It is quite the accomplishment.

Enough about me though, let me direct you to someone who does it 100X's better than me. Her name is Jill and she does all of those awesome crafts you've been dying to figure out. Plus, she puts the templates & tutorials on her blog (awesome).
Check out her diaper wipes clutch, diaper cake, vinyl bibs, tote bags, quiet books etc.

I'm lovin' the wipes clutch. I wonder how that would look in my garage............

Check Jill's blog out here.

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