Tuesday, May 5, 2009

new do's

So the other day I thought I would "shake things up" in my 6 year olds normal hair styles by putting a part in her every day pony tail. (instead of just pulling it straight back)

I know, goin' a little crazy with that hair right?!

Well come to find out there are TONS of fun blog from ladies doing fun stuff with their girls hair! They even give you step by step instructions!

But, here is my question: Do their girls hold on to their ears, scream bloody murder, wake up their babies, and give them anxiety attacks while doing their hair? If so, PLEASE someone post the remedy for that!

Anyway, I had to put up a whole new category on the side bar just for girls hairstyles. Now I have no more excuses for plain hair!


  1. Not related but, this is a neat company: Babysteals.com

  2. I give Bria cookies or turn on the TV when she's being especially difficult.