Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day: For me it's a day of feeling the overwhelming love for my kids but, also the day that I feel the pressure of not being good enough. It sounds strange, but I'll tell you why. We receive adorable gifts from our kids filled with poetry hand prints and photos in the morning. Then, you are off to church. Let's be honest here, getting your family entirely ready for church by 9:00 is not only a struggle, but will put anyone in a less than cheery mood.

When I finally get settled in my seat I am then bombarded with speakers rambling about their "angel mom's". Then, I start worrying about what will happen if my children ever get asked to speak in church on Mother's Day. Will they say things like "My mom constantly called me a little turd", or "My mom threatened to send me to another family" etc.

That's why I am a new fan of this woman's blog: "The Meanest Mom". Not only is she a great writer but, in her day to day life she helps up remember that we can't all be "angel mom's" all the time. Sometimes we are just the Meanest Mom alive.

Check out her link on the sidebar.

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