Friday, May 1, 2009

blog under construction

I'm always finding the cutest things while doin' a little "blog stalking" but, afterward I can never remember where I saw it!!

So, I thought for my sake I would put together a little blog directory full of fun businesses, funny sites, recipe blogs etc. Hopefully with help from friends find some more fun stuff to put on it!

I'll be featuring my favorite finds weekly. Also, trying some things out!

So friends, feel free to browse my directory, and please email me at or leave a comment of more great blogs/sites to add!



  1. Bugaroo Baby is another good one. A girl in my ward makes everything and is very talented.


    has really fun hairstyles for girls. Darling.

  3. Nevermind- I see you already have it. :o)

  4. This is such a great idea! I wish I could add something...I'll be thinking and let you know.

  5. Great blog! Here is one to go along with seriously so blessed -

    Have fun blog stalking!

  6. Thanks for putting my shop on your site. You're awesome!

    Here are a few that I stalk.

    Cooking: (she was on Rachel Ray)

    Saving money:

    Boys and girls stuff: (she does mostly hair bands and bows but she has the cutest neck and bow ties for little boys. I bought some for my boys for Easter.)

  7. Great idea, Suzie. I will go through my favs and email them to you.